Rosemary Soap Bar

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Infusing rosemary oil into natural handmade Olive oil soap delivers a revitalizing, nature-inspired cleansing experience that may enhance skin tone, diminish inflammation, and introduce a refreshing herbal fragrance.

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Natural Handmade Olive oil soap mixed with Rosemary oil, offers a natural and invigorating cleansing experience with the potential benefits of improved skin tone, reduced inflammation, and a refreshing, herbaceous aroma.

Bar Weight: 80 gr +_ 2%
Ingredients: Olive Oil, Rosemary Oils, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Water, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide.

Natural Handmade soap, small changes might appear in weight, size, and color.

Made in Lebanon

3 reviews for Rosemary Soap Bar

  1. Maria B

    It is insane how much the soaps were able to calm my face down. I think I found out that my skin interacts way better with natural products since it’s so sensitive.
    Especially loved the aloe vera and rosemary!
    Thank youu

  2. Lea F.

    My favorite!! I’ve been using the rosemary bar for for more than 2 weeks now and my skin is sooo soft. Great for dry skin.

  3. Priscilla

    I have combination/ acne prone skin and I absolutely LOVED this soap bar. It’s works insanely well and did not dry my face after washing a tiny bit. Was also able to calm with red spots and irritations. This one’s a winner for me.

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